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Ispro is the team of professionals who provide engineering electric network projection and consulting services.

In the electric energy sector the company has two activities:

  • electric network projection
  • consulting services.


The company provides outdoor electric network of low and high voltage projection and in-house installation projection services.

Projection includes:

  • Projection of distribution equipment up to 10 kV voltages;
  • Projection of electric energy distribution equipment’s up to 10 kV linking protection and automation
  • Projection of outdoor and in-house lighting electric networks.


  • In the matter of connection to operator’s electric power distribution network the company:
    • According to technical conditions of connection values the price of object’s connection;
    • Suggests potential connection alternatives (if it is possible);
    • Represents or consults the client during the bargain with the operator of electric power distribution network;
    • Consults in the matter of temporary electric equipment connection to the electric power distribution network;
    • Consults in the price estimation of client’s connection service and payment;
    • Consults the electric power producers in the matter of connection to electric power distribution network.
  • The company helps to measure the requirement of power of necessary electric equipment for all kinds of buildings;
  • The company consults or represents the client during the process of electric projects implementation and the coordination of projects with the operator of electric power distribution network and the municipality;
  • The company consults in the matter of electricity supply.

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