Hold to the discipline and order.

Mission and Values

The mission of the company is to contribute to the modernization of the Lithuania’s energetic economy.

Rules of behavior

These are the essential rules of behavior we are using in our everyday work.

  • Don’t commit as much as you cannot implement. And don’t forget – the quality is the most important.
  • The client must know what he is paying for and our duty is to answer all his questions.
  • Our company does not promise, our company makes agreement and implements it at any price.
  • We always take responsibility for our mistakes and we are able to learn from them. There are no mistakes, there are just lessons. It helps us to improve ourselves.
  • Treasure client’s time and money.
  • Listen to the client’s opinion and intentions and seek for the most advantageous possible decision for the client.
  • Use all the knowledge you have, don’t be like everybody is, improve yourself and be a professional.
  • Take the criticism – it is the engine of progress.
  • Hold to the discipline and order.

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